Talent Hunt Exam -2017 Answer Key : CLASS 10

The Answer Key of Talent Hunt Exam -2017 contains correct answers to questions asked in Talent Hunt Exam -2017 held on 19 November 2017. The answer key has been released batch wise. The answer key is only available until November 21, 2017, at 6.00 pm. Within duration candidate may also challenge it. If candidate has any queries related to Talent Hunt Exam -2017 answer key, the same should be submitted to the DARSANA ACADEMY in online mode(darsanaacademy@gmail.com) with supporting comments/justifications for answer.

The challenges against the Talent Hunt Exam -2017 official answer key will be referred to subject expert/committees constituted by the DARSANA ACADEMY for this purpose. The recommendations of the Committees pertaining to answer discrepancy will be final.