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Darsana Academy

Darsana Academy, formed in 1994, as an offshoot of Darsana Cultural Centre,established in 1984,is managed by ˜Darsana Academic Institute Trust” formed by the members of St. Joseph Province of the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI), the first indigenous congregation in India. The CMI congregation is the embodiment of the dream and vision of Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara, the founder of the CMI congregation. CMI congregation with a membership of 2300, renders services to humanity in educational, social, healthcare and other areas aiming at the prosperity and well-being of the society. Darsana Academy strives to impart quality education without distinction of religion, caste or creed, to all those who seek knowledge and wisdom to make their lives shining in future. Nmed in best coaching institute for NEET, AIIMS, JEE Main IIT

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Director's Message

Rev. Fr. Thomas Puthussery CMI
(M.Com.B.Ed(SET),M.Phil(Phd Scholar)
Director,  Darsana Academy

‘I saw an angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.’ These self explanatory words of Michelangelo must be conceived in its totality to create an attitudinal change in the minds of the educator and the educated. Luck and chance is very relative, of course. To be successful in life we need singleminded determination, commitment and hard work within a given period of time As technology changed, our day-to-day life and the world of work too is undergoing a unparallel transformation. A click of mouse removes all geographic boundaries and routine tasks are increasingly getting automated.

 Whatever happens from time to time the role and responsibility of the guru does not end but only increase. We lack teachers who can really inspire and motivate pupils and get the maximum and the best Gandhi said, “You be the change you want in the world”. Frankly, if we do introspection, we will discover things that are self-contradictory and our lives get more complicated. We tend to forget our divine role of bringing out the best from the ward given to our care; discharging our duties with the divine touch. Darsana Academy with two and a half decades in the field of competitive education has gone far ahead in creating history making hundreds of young ones to best Doctors and Engineers. Now with the association of one of the best institutions in the IIT Entrance in our country, Bansal Classes and Concept Owl we will provide students the best platform online and class room to crack the exams with confidence.

Nations are built in classrooms. The new system of education visualizes a radical change. Rote learning gives way to higher-order skills like reasoning and analysis, lateral thinking, creativity and judgment, learning by doing and enlightenment through Manana.  The continuous and comprehensive evaluation is meant to judge students’ total personality rather than the academic efficiency. The proponents of this system (NCF-2005) hold that it could reduce the pen-paper exam tension of students as everybody passes in grades but the gifted ones actually feel the less challenging nature of the exams at the school level. In the present scenario, where a cut-throat competition persists in getting admission to the most reputed institutions like IIT-JEE; NEET and  AIIMS students must be given ample inputs while they grow, starting many years prior to the competitive exam.. The purpose is to identify the most talented, deserving and the extraordinary for the building up of the society.

Quality is the paradigm which could be attained through vital inputs- aspiring candidates, excellent educators, conducive environment and the best use of time. We are now focusing to make the child best by giving maximum inputs that too with personal care, reading the signs of the time. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam says, ‘Educationists should build the capacities of the spirit of inquiry, creativity, entrepreneurial and moral leadership among students to become their role model’. The basic attitude of the student to go in for the better, using the given potential improves the quality. Here the given IQs are almost the same for all pupils but to fathom up the hidden talents need perseverance and hardwork. He has to be judged for his performance in all fields. The great men and women in history all had a sense of vision and mission. They knew where they were going, what they wanted to achieve, and the power of positive energy. Success is an attitude and not just a set of achievements. Understand that success is not just found in outer things, but is located within the self. Cultivate success as a state of mind so that we stop chasing false goals and expectations, and start living our life focused on what matters us. Let me pen some points to rejuvenate our teaching learning process:

1. Focus on the basics and fundamental concepts to make the learning more practical. 2. Inculcate a set of value system telling how important it is for life 3. Give the child adequate inputs and avoid too many don’ts. 4. Focus on more interactive program to enjoy the learning process. 5. Do not kill the child in students; teach them to dream high. 6. Simplify education in whatever manner you can which the pupils enjoy. 7. If a disciple has the potential and the right kind of attitude to excel in competitive segments, then support him/her in all possible way.

The guru here needs to be a facilitator and a guiding force. Some people dream a lot but do not even lift their fingers to make their dreams come true. Some others do not dream big but work towards fulfilling their little dreams and these people achieve greatness in life. Really life has always been a bundle of struggles and challenges for young minds.